Lotus Reportedly Working On Chiron-Baiting $2.5 Million Electric Hypercar

Geely wants to turn Lotus into its halo brand with a new electric hypercar .

Volvo/Lotus Parent Geely Takes Over The Utah Motorsports Campus

The facility formerly known as Miller Motorsports Park joins Geely’s growing portfolio of automakers and race tracks around the world.

Geely Is Developing Supersonic Trains Similar To The Hyperloop

Like Elon Musk, the Chinese company thinks supersonic trains could be the next big thing in transportation.

Geely Says Its New Bin Yue Crossover Has A Star Wars Inspired Interior

Geely’s new crossover is rather stylish, but the Star Wars reference is a bit of a stretch.

Daimler And Geely Announce Ride-Hailing Joint Venture In China

Daimler and Geely want to take on ride-hailing giant Didi in the world’s largest market.

Electrified London Black Cab Challenges Toyota Prius And Ford Galaxy Into A Drag Race

It’s perhaps the most pointless drag race ever, but we learn which is the fastest taxi in the business.

Toyota In Talks With Geely Over Cooperation In Hybrid Technologies

The Japanese automaker’s push to increase sales substantially in China could be behind this joint effort .

Geely Is Now The Third Highest-Earning Manufacturer In China

The parent company of Volvo has surpassed Nissan, Honda and Toyota in its home market.

Geely May Invest $1.9 Billion Into Lotus, Increase Its Stake In The Automaker

The money would reportedly be used to hire new engineers and build a second production facility.

Geely Announces First Self-Developed Modular Architecture, Will Debut On SX11 Crossover

The Geely SX11 will be launched later this year with a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine.

Lotus Chief Jean-Marc Gales Leaves Company “For Personal Reasons”

Former PSA exec leaves Lotus, Geely appoints Feng Qingfeng as company’s new Global Chief Executive Officer.

New Geely Emgrand GSe Is China’s Answer To Electric Crossovers

The zero-emission Geely Emgrand GSe has an average range of 350km.