Honda Built Two New Civic Type R Concepts, One With Over 400HP, And This Rally Beast

Dakar-inspired or road-legal with 400hp? New Civic Type R concepts beg the question.

Say Goodbye To Hotels With Overland Honda Passport And Ridgeline Projects

The Honda Passport and Ridgeline Adventure Lifestyle Projects are modified for off-grid adventures in the great outdoors.

Honda X-NV Concept Previews All-Electric Crossover Based On The XR-V

The Honda X-NV production model will go on sale in China in the second half of 2019.

Honda’s e Prototype Brings “Connected Lifestyle” To Milan Fashion Week

Honda’s e Prototype is the centerpiece of the Honda Experience – Casa Connessa Tortona.

Honda Already Has 15,000 Registrations Of Interest For e Prototype RWD EV

Honda is being coy about the e Prototype’s specs, but the cute EV is shaping up to be a hit.

Honda’s RWD Sports EV Concept Might Follow E Prototype Into Production

A road-going Honda Sports EV will use the same rear-wheel drive platform as the e prototype.

Honda’s Management Needed A Lot Of Convincing To Greenlight The e Prototype

Honda e Prototype’s project manager admits that getting the green light for the e Prototype was tougher than expected.

Honda e Prototype Previews RWD Electric City Car For Europe

The production version will offer a driving range of more than 200 km (124 miles).

Honda’s EV Prototype Reveals Dashboard Design With Extra Wide Screen

Honda’s near-production EV was previewed by the Urban EV Concept and will launch this year in Europe.

Honda Tomo Concept: An Electric Transformer That Changes From Coupe To Pickup

Created by 13 students from IED Torino, the Tomo picks up where the Urban EV left off.

Honda And IED To Unveil TOMO Small Electric Concept In Geneva

The concept was drawn up by transportation design students, together with the Honda Design Center.

Honda Teases Geneva Motor Show-Bound EV Prototype

Honda plans call for two-thirds of its models sold in Europe to be electrified by 2025.