New Honda CR-V Hybrid, Civic Type R ‘ArtCar Manga’ Heading To Paris Show

Honda’s all-new CR-V Hybrid will be joined by the regular versions of the SUV, as well as a one-off Civic Type R art car .

Honda CR-V Hybrid Coming To Europe In Early 2019 With 184 PS

Say hello to Honda’s first-ever hybrid SUV sold in Europe.

Honda Drops UK Pricing Info On 2018 CR-V, Starts From £25,995

Honda’s new CR-V comes in four trim levels, with a choice of manual or CVT transmissions and two- or four-wheel drive.

Honda Launches 2018 CR-V In Europe With 1.5-Liter Turbo [78 Images]

New Honda CR-V arrives In Europe, hybrid version to follow in a few months.

Honda Shows Why Euro-spec CR-V Is The Safest, Most Dynamic Ever

The all new CR-V has been tailored to European drivers’ taste, and is thus more engaging to drive than ever.

Man Filmed Repeatedly Ramming His Trailblazer Into A CR-V

In an eventful and drug-filled day, Garcia Alvarez rammed two vehicles before being arrested.

Honda CR-V Smashes Into Two Stationary Vehicles On Texas Freeway

The person sitting on the concrete barrier managed to get out of the way just in time.

CR-V Roadster Is Honda’s Idea Of An April Fools’ Day Joke, VW Isn’t Laughing

The first 2018 April Fools’ Day joke comes from Honda, in the form of a CR-V Roadster.

CR’s 10 Most Proven Cars To Make It Over 200,000 Miles

A recent study suggests Honda and Toyota produce the best long distance champions.

Euro-Spec 2018 Honda CR-V Arrives With Hybrid And 7-Seat Options

Petrol CR-V coming this fall, whereas the hybrid will be shipped from early 2019.

Consumer Reports Reveals Best Used Cars For Under $20K

Japanese brands continue to dominate the rankings.

Jazz X-Road To Join Honda’s Latest In Geneva

Ruggedized Jazz X-Road to join new production, concept, and racing models on Honda’s show stand.