Ken Block Gets Up Close With The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

The Shelby GT500 features a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 with 760 HP, which makes it the most powerful ‘Stang ever.

Would You Cough Up $50K To Get A 330 HP, Hoonigan-Style Fiesta ST?

This ST sports a WRC-like body kit, highly tuned engine and Hoonicorn livery, so it’s anything but subtle.

Ken Block’s Can-Am Maverick Turbo With Tracks Is The Ultimate Snow Toy

Block let loose in his custom Can-Am around a ski jump park in Lake Tahoe.

Ken Block Hoons His Special Ford F-150 Raptor In Utah

Ken Block’s custom Ford F-150 Raptor pumps out 550 hp and has numerous off-road goodies.

Creative Fan Builds A Working Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2 From LEGOs

This Lego Technic model of Block’s Hoonicorn V2 features functional electric motors and a working gearbox.

Ken Block Puts His New Ford Escort Cosworth Through Its Paces

Block had parts of the destroyed car’s turbocharger, wheels and fender ground to flakes and added to the paint.

Ken Block Is Getting Ready To Hoon New Ford Escort Cosworth

Not a single part could be salvaged from the previous Escort Cosworth, so this one is a new car.

Ford Performance Shows How They 3D-Printed Hoonitruck’s Intake Manifold

Ford also says this very complex part is the world’s largest 3D-printed metal car part ever.

GSX-R 1000-Powered, 190 HP Honda N600 Is A Baby Hoonitruck

Ken Block’s ride has inspired this heavily customized, and very fast, Japanese kei car.

Gymkhana Ten: Five Cars And Many Destroyed Tires

Gymkhana Ten features five of the craziest Fords you’ll ever come across.

Ken Block’s Destroyed Ford Escort RS Cosworth To Be Reborn

His previous Cossie was consumed by fire at a rally accident, but Block announced he is building a new one.

Ken Block’s New Hoonitruck Packs Ford GT LM Muscle

914 horsepower in a ’77 Ford F-150 ought to make Gymkhana Ten a real feast for the senses