Lotus-Based PG Elektrus Was Germany’s Version Of The Tesla Roadster

The Elektrus might have been fast, but with a $300k+ price, it’s hardly a surprise that it flopped.

Lotus To Employ 200 New Engineers As Part Of Huge Expansion Push

Parent company Geely is dead serious on making Lotus a true rival to top-tier supercar makers.

New Lotus To Arrive In 2020 Prior To Next-Gen Elise, Exige And Evora

The new sports car will be the last to be based on a (heavily revised) version of Lotus’ current architecture .

Rare LHD Lotus 340R Track Special Will Set You Back At Least £55,000

With just 351 miles on the odometer, this Elise-based track toy is basically brand new.

Lotus Reunites The Elise With She For Which It Was Named

22 years after its launch, Elisa Artioli returned to Lotus to be reunited with the car which her grandfather named after her.

Dropping A BMW V10 Into A Lotus Elise Sounds Like The Stuff Of Legends

This stretched Lotus looks like a Hennessey Venom, only it has a BMW V10 and it was built by a single man.

Lotus Boss Confirms Pair Of New Sports Cars, New Flagship To Arrive In 2020

Lotus will launch a modern-day Esprit in 2020 according to Jean-Marc Gales.

Lotus To Reveal Two New Sports Car This Summer, SUV Four Years Out

Lotus is expected to announce replacements for the 3-Eleven and Elise in August.

Lotus To Launch Two New Sports Cars In 2020

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales has revealed the company will launch two new…

Lotus CEO Says Its New Generation Of Sports Cars Will Be Very Different From Today’s Models

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales has revealed the company will present a new…

Lotus Unveils Ultra-Rare Elise Cup 260

The new Elise Cup 260 is a limited edition model from Lotus,…

New Lotus Elise Cup 250 Features Styling Tweaks And A Weight Reduction

Lotus has introduced the new Elise Cup 250 in Europe. Designed to…