MSO-Restored McLaren F1 To Be Displayed In The UK

This F1 took 3,000 hours to be brought back to its former glory and will be present at the Hampton Court Concours d’Elegance .

McLaren F1 LM-Spec Sets New Record As It Sells For Nearly $20 Million

This is one of two F1s ever that have been updated with the High Downforce Kit and LM-spec, 680 HP engine.

McLaren’s Legendary F1 XP5 Prototype Meets Its Successors

The granddaddy of McLaren’s Ultimate Series models naturally steals the show even in this exalted company .

The World’s Best McLaren F1 Is Going To Bring All The Money

This F1 LM-spec comes with a 680HP race engine and the High-Downforce kit – plus a gorgeous finish.

McLaren Tested The F1’s BMW-Developed, 6.1-Liter V12 In An M5 Touring

Somewhere in BMW’s secret collection is a McLaren F1-powered M5 Wagon.

Gordon Murray’s “Modern McLaren F1” To Have 650-700 HP, Six-Speed Manual

The T.50 will rev to an extraordinary 12,100 rpm and be smaller in size than a 911.

Apollo IE Joins Some Of The World’s Greatest Hypercars On Track

The Apollo IE is powered by a Ferrari-derived V12 engine with 769 hp and is a proper hypercar in its own right.

Everything You Wanted To Know About McLaren’s Iconic F1 In A 40-Minute Video

Bet you didn’t know Gordon Murray had Kenwood design an ultra lightweight CD changer specifically for the F1.

McLaren F1’s Spiritual Successor By Gordon Murray Coming Next Year With A V12

Murray thinks no one, not even McLaren, has made a supercar that adheres to the F1’s principles.

Gran Turismo Sport Getting 2020 Toyota Supra, Pagani Huayra, SLR McLaren And More

If you don’t already own the Gran Turismo Sport, these new cars might encourage you to get it.

Le Mans-Winning McLaren F1 GTR Driven By Mika Hakkinen At Laguna Seca

The Flying Finn drove the F1 that claimed the victory at La Sarthe in its first-ever attempt.

MSO Restores McLaren F1 GTR Longtail 25R Using 21-Year Old “New” Parts

It’s the first car rebuilt under the newly-established F1 Certified program.