What Do You Think Of This Vega Blue McLaren Senna?

Although looks are not its strong point, this vibrand shade does make the Senna look striking.

McLaren Senna Is A Weapon, But Can’t Hold A Candle To A Bona Fide GT3 Racer

The Senna laps Silverstone roughly 7 seconds slower than the much less powerful 650S GT3.

Sir Wants A Water Bottle To Go With His McLaren Senna? That’ll Be $7,000!

It’s a push-to-drink system, similar to F1 cars, but for the price you can get a decent used hatchback.

Start Off Your Week By Watching A McLaren Senna Reach Over 200 MPH

With 789 HP, the Senna might have been even faster but for that massive, drag-inducing rear wing.

McLaren Senna Dyno Run Indicates Marque Has Understated Its Power Output

This McLaren Senna delivers 724 hp and 627 lb-ft to the ground through its rear wheels.

Here’s A McLaren Senna Racing A Helicopter Because Why Not?

The McLaren Senna isn’t afraid of any opposition, even if it’s in the sky.

McLaren 600LT Vs. Senna Race Shows The Difference Between Super And Hyper

The Senna sure this wins this one out, but the real question is how the 600LT performs against it.

Ayrton Senna Marlboro-Liveried McLaren Will Have You Drooling

Manny Khoshbin paid a 7-digit price for his special-liveried Senna and took delivery last week.

McLaren 600LT Quicker At Magny-Cours Than AMG GT R, Corvette Z06

The 600LT also proved to be only a few tenths of a second slower than the vaunted 675LT.

McLaren Senna Around Donington Park Pays Tribute To Ayrton’s Greatest Moment

Let’s remind ourselves one of Ayrton Senna’s spine-tingling moments.

McLaren Senna Goes For A Butt-Clenching Lap At Magny-Cours

The Senna has turned out to be 2 seconds quicker on the French track than the 720S.

McLaren Senna Vs. Porsche 911 GT2 RS Isn’t Really A Fair Fight

The Senna ‘only’ has 99 hp more than a GT2 RS, but in the real world it is much quicker.