This McLaren Senna Model Is Worth As Much As A Small Hatchback

The McLaren Senna model includes a remote control which operates the lights, doors and more.

McLaren Senna GTR Celebrates Public Debut At The Hands Of Bruno Senna

McLaren says that the Senna GTR is their most extreme creation to date this side of a F1 car.

Hennessey’s Readying 900 And 1,000 HP Upgrades For The McLaren Senna

The Senna is in no way wanting for power, but Hennessey has created two upgrade options anyway.

McLaren Senna GTR To Make Track Debut At Goodwood On April 6

A final validation prototype of the new McLaren Senna GTR will make its dynamic debut at the 77th Goodwood Members’ Meeting.

Which One’s Heavier; The Full Size LEGO Or The Real McLaren Senna?

Building this life-size Sebba took almost half a million LEGO bricks – or 200,000 more than 2017’s 720S model.

McLaren Senna Misses 300 Km/h Mark, Better Find A Longer Straight Next Time

Keep your eyes on the Senna’s speedometer as it accelerates on the Lurcy Levis track in France.

Only McLaren’s Formula 1 Car Is Quicker Than Senna GTR

The McLaren Senna GTR recipe is simple: more power, less weight, maximum aerodynamics, and no restrictions.

No, The Production-Spec McLaren Senna GTR WILL NOT Launch On February 15

McLaren told us that the report about the Senna GTR launching in four dates is false.

McLaren Senna Impresses Clarkson, Breaks Grand Tour’s Track Lap Record

Its styling might be divisive, but, as the Grand Tour host found out, the Senna is massively fast.

Nico Rosberg Becomes A McLaren Driver For A Day With The Senna

The former F1 champion who moonlights as a YouTuber drove the Senna on a track.

Purple McLaren Senna Changes Hands For A Measly $1.45 Million

This Senna’s No5 of 120 examples for the USA, and it sold for nearly 500k over sticker price.

$17 LEGO Senna Is A McLaren You Wouldn’t Cry If It Burst In Flames

The scale model comes with interchangeable rims, minifigure driver and wind tunnel, and costs £12,99 in the UK.