McLaren Senna Sets Lap Record At Virginia International Raceway, Easily Eclipsing A 911 GT2 RS

The Senna lapped VIR a full 2.9 seconds faster than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, a blistering fast machine in its own right.

McLaren Recalls All Sennas In The U.S. Over Wiring Harness Problem

McLaren says the Senna’s wiring harness can chafe and cause a number of issues.

McLaren Promises Its Upcoming Speedster Will Be Big On Driving Thrills

McLaren’s upcoming speedster will feature the same powertrain as the Senna and could be even lighter than the legendary F1.

McLaren Issues Recall For 2019 Senna Models In Australia

A total of 13 McLaren Sennas are being recalled due to a potential issue with the engine harness.

Does This Make For A Convinving McLaren Speedster Hypercar?

The actual Speedster will most likely be powered by a twin-turbo V8 with close to 800 HP.

McLaren’s Legendary F1 XP5 Prototype Meets Its Successors

The granddaddy of McLaren’s Ultimate Series models naturally steals the show even in this exalted company .

Gloss Carbon McLaren Senna Is One Of Australia’s Rarest Hypercars

Roughly a dozen Sennas are thought to have made their way Down Under, and this could be the best-looking of them all.

Another McLaren Senna Catches Fire, This Time During Austrian GP Demonstration

The McLaren Senna was being driven by Gerhard Berger and is owned by a well-known collector.

What Do You Think Of This Vega Blue McLaren Senna?

Although looks are not its strong point, this vibrand shade does make the Senna look striking.

McLaren Senna Is A Weapon, But Can’t Hold A Candle To A Bona Fide GT3 Racer

The Senna laps Silverstone roughly 7 seconds slower than the much less powerful 650S GT3.

Sir Wants A Water Bottle To Go With His McLaren Senna? That’ll Be $7,000!

It’s a push-to-drink system, similar to F1 cars, but for the price you can get a decent used hatchback.

Start Off Your Week By Watching A McLaren Senna Reach Over 200 MPH

With 789 HP, the Senna might have been even faster but for that massive, drag-inducing rear wing.