Dealer Offering McLaren Senna GTR Build Marked Up By Over $800,000

A German used car dealer has a McLaren Senna GTR listed for sale at $2.25 million.

Senna Drag Races P1 In McLaren Family Feud

The hybrid P1 is more powerful, but the Senna is considerably lighter – so, who do you think won this one?.

Ultra Rare McLaren Senna Can-Am Deliveries Underway As CarScoops Reader Snags First Model (New Pics)

The Senna Can-Am is a street-legal supercar that is reportedly limited to just three units. One of our readers got #1.

McLaren Senna LM Is A Limited-Run Model Shrouded In Mystery

The McLaren Senna LM is reportedly based on the GTR and is capped to just 20 units worldwide.

This McLaren Senna Has A Paint Scheme Unlike Any Other

This McLaren Senna has been customized by MSO and has a $1.7 million asking price.

McLaren Senna Unofficially Breaks Lap Record At Hockenheim GP

Christian Gebhardt drove the McLaren Senna across the finish line in 1:40.79.

A McLaren Dealer Created Three New Senna XP Editions From Factory Prototypes

A trio of rebuilt Mclaren Senna prototypes offer a unique take on the track-focused hypercar.

U.S. Dealer Commissions Three Special McLaren Senna XP Models

The McLaren Senna XP models started out their lives as Experimental Prototypes.

This Woman From Colorado Collects McLaren Supercars

Kathy Cargill loves driving her McLaren Senna through the Colorado mountains.

Michael Fux Selling Bespoke McLaren 720S, Senna, 918 Spyder, And Others

Michael Fux is selling some seriously impressive cars but it is unclear why.

McLaren Senna LM Is MSO’s Latest Project, Pops Up With Left Fender AWOL

The McLaren Senna LM is painted Papaya Orange and includes some unique parts.

DIY McLaren Senna Desktop PC Looks Good And, Fittingly, Packs Tons Of Power

With a case ideal for custom builds and some high-end components, this build cost nearly $3k.