DAMD’s Suzuki Jimny Tunes Make Great LR Defender And G-Class Impressions

Forget the CGIs released three months ago, the Little D. and Little G. Jimnys are now real and spectacular.

Here’s Liberty Walk’s Suzuki Jimny Mini G-Class Next To The Original Mercedes-Benz

The Suzuki Jimny has officially become a cheap Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

New 2019 Mercedes-Benz G350d Costs A Whopping £94,000 In The UK

Order books for the latest Mercedes G350d are now open, with first deliveries coming this summer.

New Mercedes-AMG G63 Is Big, Bold, Fast And Super Expensive

It’s also more refined than its predecessor, while improving in other departments as well, such as power, interior space and build quality.

Here’s How To Go Through Deep Mud In The 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Few owners will get their Mercedes-Benz G-Class to bathe in mud, unfortunately.

2019 Mercedes G350d Diesel Is Powerful, Civilized And Very Frugal

European markets get the new G-Class with the 282 hp straight-six turbo diesel (OM 656); it’s not coming to the U.S., though.

Who Needs The New Mercedes G63 When You Can Have The Brabus 700 4×4² Final Edition?

Based on the previous Mercedes-AMG G63, it’s limited to 10 examples and costs at least €209,000, without taxes.

Bold Claim: 2019 Mercedes G-Class Is Better Than The Range Rover

While reviewing the new G-Class, Doug DeMuro found that Mercedes have addressed pretty much everything that was wrong with the old model.

Brabus Tuned Mercedes G550 Looks Ready To Enter Military Service

With the Desert Storm Satin finish and Blood Bath red wheels, this G550 looks like it belongs in the window of a candy shop.

2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 Combines Classic Looks And 577 HP For $147,500

Fans with smaller budgets can opt for the 2019 G 550 which has a base price of $124,500.

Make Your New Suzuki Jimny Look Like A G-Class Or A Defender With DAMD Kit

Japanese tuner will turn the Suzuki Jimny into a mini version of either the G-Class or the Defender.

2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 Is The SUV You Want, Not Need

It features some of Mercedes’ latest on-board tech, such as the 12.3-inch dual screen setup and 64-color ambient lighting.