Novitec N-Largo Ferrari 812 Superfast Is Wider, Faster, Stronger

The German tuner went all out with this motorsports-inspired Ferrari 812 Superfast mod.

Novitec Takes Ferrari Portofino To 674 HP, Adds Visual Mods

Novitec’s Ferrari Portofino also has an extra 91 Nm (67 lb-ft) of torque compared to the stock version.

Novitec Makes Ferrari 812 Superfast A Little More Aerodynamic

Performance upgrades are still being developed, but the 812 Superfast gets improved aerodynamics .

Kode 0 and Kode 57 Are Two Italian-Based Supercars With Sky-High Prices

Based on a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari 599 respectively, they have a seven-digit asking price.

McLaren 720S By Novitec Grows Out Of Its Birthday Suit, Can Get Up To 795HP

This makes Novitec’s McLaren 720S more powerful than the track-oriented Senna.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Welcomes Novitec Exhaust System, Even Wilder Soundtrack

The Italian super GT is equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system, and it sounds better than the already impressive stock item.

766 HP Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 430 Scuderia Can Punch A Hole In The Ozone Layer

This Novitec-tuned Ferrari 430 Scuderia is more powerful than the 488 Pista.

Who Needs A GTC4Lusso When You Can Have A Novitec-Tuned FF?

It might have been phased out two years ago, but the FF still looks mighty impressive on a twisty road.

Novitec Gives The McLaren 720S Up To 795 HP

The new tuning program enables the 720S to rocket from 0-62 mph in 2.7 seconds.

Novitec Begins Upgrading The Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Extreme as it already is, Novitec has a range of components that’ll take the top Huracan even further.

Novitec’s Ready To Give Your Maserati Ghibli The Performance It Deserves

Novitec’s enhancements for the Maserati Ghibli give it as much as 494 horsepower.

Novitec Takes The Lamborghini Aventador S To New Heights

An upgraded exhaust and suspension are just a few of the options Novitec offers for the Lamborghini Aventador S.