Cadillac Escalade With Busted Wheel Careens Down Embankment, Misses Stopped Cars

Thankfully the driver was uninjured and no other vehicles were impacted by the out-of-control Caddy.

Florida Highway Patrolman Pushes Witness Out Of The Way Of Oncoming Audi, Gets Sent Airborne

Despite the nasty crash, the trooper is reportedly in good condition.

Ferrari LaFerrari Hangs On For Dear Life As It’s Being Towed Away

At least the hybrid hypercar wasn’t damaged on that day, as long as the camera kept rolling at least.

Police Can’t Stop Play As Snow Drifters Go Sideways Right In Front Of Them

When the police officers stopped two of them, the rest started driving around in a circle and drift in defiance .

Watch Undercover Cops Knock Off Unsuspecting Moped Riders

These moped riders got a rude shock in the UK thanks to some sneaky police.

Driver Almost Causes An Accident Cutting Into Traffic, Gets Pulled Over Immediately

Some people simply can’t drive.

Cement Truck Driver Forgets To Engage Parking Brake, It Rolls Away And Causes Mayhem

The driver apparently forgot to set the parking brake, so the truck rolled away from the construction site.

Mustang Drivers Are Smashing Into Cop Cars Now Too

Luckily, neither the Ford Mustang driver or police officer were badly hurt.

Angry RAM Driver Doesn’t Take Kindly To BMW Cutting Him Off

Nobody likes to lose their spot in traffic, least of all the person behind the wheel of this truck.

Santa’s Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Sleigh Is Real And You Can See It In LA

The “muscle sleigh” brought all its 797 horses to the Los Angeles Auto Show .

Tesla Driver Arrested For DUI May Have Been Asleep With Autopilot On

The 45-year old man was taken into custody by the California Highway Patrol after officers saw him nodding off behind the wheel.

High Speed Pursuit Captured On Camera, Suspect’s Car Was Rolling On Rims

The chase eventually ended with a sheriff’s deputy performing a PIT maneuver on the suspect.