Mustang Driver Predictably Crashes While Attempting To Show Off

Yet another Ford Mustang got to suffer thanks to its owner’s disregard for public safety.

Hydrogen Fuel Station Explodes In Norway, Toyota And Hyundai Halt FCV Sales

The operator of the Norwegian hydrogen station has temporarily closed other locations too.

This Is How Texas Drivers Avoid Motorway Traffic Jam

These drivers clearly don’t have the patience to wait until the jam cleared – but police arrived and stopped play.

Tesla Slams Into Pickup Truck After Being Cut Off

A more thorough look up the road from the pickup driver could have prevented this crash.

Close Call With Sliding Van Force Driver To Take Massive Risk

The driver of the dashcam car was lucky there wasn’t another vehicle right behind the out of control van.

UK Could Enforce A Total Ban On Pavement Parking Across The Country

Some groups say parking on the pavement creates various problems for those with visual difficulties.

Man High On Meth And Coke Steals Mail Truck, Chase Ends In Rollover

The perpetrator confessed on being under the influence and is now facing serious chargers from multiple agencies.

Chicago Residents Wake Up To Nasty Surprise, Poop On Their Door Handles

The attacker appears to favor Mercedes crossovers.

Honda’s New Lawnmower IS QUICKER Than Your Car, Sets New World Record

The Mean Mower V2 has a better power-to-weight ratio than the Bugatti Chiron.

Florida Man Tries To Extort Dealership Out Of A Chevy Malibu

The man found old sales records and wanted $50,000 as well as a Malibu in exchange for their return.

McLaren 720S Gets Its Butt Smacked By Sliding Pickup Truck

The McLaren 720S could have easily taken on a great deal more damage had the truck not spun.

Unmarked Roadworks In Russia Cause Rollover Crash

The driver of the silver car that flipped over didn’t help matters either by not slowing down ahead of time.