This Bugatti Chiron Was Created With The Help Of Hermes

Manny Koshbin’s Chiron has a leather interior from Hermes as well as a custom shade of cream paint.

Runaway Truck Tire Smashes Into Dealership Wrecking Trevor Bauer’s McLaren 650S

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the freak incident and the McLaren, which was deemed a write-off, was insured.

Icy Road Claims Multiple Cars As Drivers Try To Avoid Stopped Truck

This incident took place in Russia recently and involved at least half a dozen vehicles spinning or getting hit.

Father And Son Charged After Racing And Crashing Their Corvettes Crash In NJ

The two Corvettes collided at high speed on February 9 inside the tunnel’s North Tube while racing.

That Stinks; Poop Truck Puts Out BMW X6 Fire

It was Captain Brown to the rescue as the BMW X6 was burning to a crisp.

Jeremy Clarkson Blames A 16-Year Old Climate Activist For ‘Killing’ Car Shows, Labels Her An ‘Idiot’

Clarkson also called the 16 year old an idiot who isn’t going to solve anything.

Every Tom, Dick And Ferri Is Now Challenging Elon Musk’s Cybertweet Pissing Contest

Oh, please, please Elon, tweet me too! .

Ford F-150 Rear-Ends Honda Civic On California Highway, Tries To Run Away

The Ford F-150 driver seemed distracted as they noticed the Honda too late to avoid the crash.

Tesla Cybertruck Looks So Easy To Build With LEGO Bricks

This unofficial Tesla Cybertruck set would look right at home in LEGO’s own catalog.

Rider Pulls A Johnny Bravo, Gets Distracted By Girls And Crashes

It’s safe to say that this rider’s ego suffered at least as much damage as his bike.

What’s Your Favorite Tesla Cybertruck Meme?

Tesla’s new Cybertruck has already received 200,000 orders. It also received a lot of flak from the interweb.

From Copycats To Collectibles: Kaizen And The Rise Of The Japanese Auto Industry

Ironically, it was an American, William Edwards Deming, who invented the practice that would transform Japanese cars.