Opel’s Rocket Powered Car Hit 147 MPH Almost 90 Years Ago

Most people remember the silver arrows but did you know Opel built a handful of rocket-powered cars.

New Opel Corsa GSi Gets A 150PS 1.4L Turbo And OPC Chassis

The new Opel Corsa GSi needs 8.9sec to reach 100km/h (62mph) and will tap out at 207km/h (129mph).

Who’s Working On The Next-Gen Chevy Trax And Buick Encore?

This prototype looks like it could be the replacement for the Chevy Trax, Buick Encore, and/or Opel Mokka. But is GM developing it, or is PSA?.

New Opel Mokka X Allegedly Due In 2020 With PSA Platform, Electrification

Opel’s next subcompact SUV will use new, lighter underpinnings and offer a battery-electric version, too.

Opel OPC and Vauxhal VXR Models Will Live On, Probably With Electrification

A Vauxhall spokesperson gave an insight on the future of the VXR and OPC performance sub-brands.

Move Over Bugatti, An Opel Astra Has Been Ticketed For Going 432 MPH

The Opel Astra can apparently travel at nearly half the speed of sound, who knew.

Opel Grandland X Gains New PSA Diesel Engine, PHEV Option From 2020

The Opel Grandland X is now available with a 130PS 1.5-liter diesel engine.

Buick Enspire Concept Gets Rendered As Opel’s Upcoming Flagship SUV

The Opel will have nothing in common with the GM-owned Buick, but it certainly looks good.

Opel Grandland X Design Line Is Loaded To The Gills With Equipment

The new addition to the Crossland X line up is almost as expensive as a base Mercedes GLA or Audi Q3.

Unsung Heroes: The Opel GT Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Half a century ago, the Opel GT entered production, but it’s doubtful that we’ll ever see a modern successor.

This Lotus Omega Literally Begs To Be Imported In The US

US roads deserve to be punished by more Lotus Omegas.

Opel Grandland X Gets OPC Line Treatment And Original Accessories

Spec your Opel Grandland X with different roof boxes, bike racks, sky/snowboard/surfboard carriers and more.