Renntech’s 783 HP Mercedes-AMG GT 63S “R” Is Almost A 10-Second Car

A simple (but not cheap) ECU upgrade has enabled this GT 63 S to set a new record at the drag strip.

Fancy A Stanced Rolls-Royce Wraith Or Dawn? Renntech Has A Solution

The Dawn and Wraith get an ECU remap and a lowering module that works with the standard air suspension.

813 HP Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate Dips Under 3 Seconds For 0-62 MPH Sprint

After being subjected heavy tuning, this hyper estate has become quicker than some current supercars.

Renntech’s Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series Is More Powerful Than Lambo Aventador SVJ

The hardcore German supercar now has 810 horsepower and 1,000 pound-feet of torque available on tap.

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700HP Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG Sounds Like It’s Seriously Pissed Off

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RENNtech Details R800 Performance Pack For Mercedes-AMG E63 And E63 S

The mods include not just a software tune, but a turbo upgrade too.

Renntech’s Modded Mercedes-AMG GT R Is The Bomb With 825 PS

Besides the extra muscle, Renntech’s tuned Mercedes-AMG GT R has some bodywork upgrades, too.

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This drop-top Geländewagen listed for sale was privately imported to the United States and supercharged by RennTech.

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