Watching A $2.1 Million Rimac C_Two Crash Test Is Equally Grisly And Fascinating

Just like any other regular car, the Rimac C_Two has to hit a wall or two to become safe enough for public roads.

Think Creating A New Car Is Easy? Rimac Demonstrates It’s Anything But

Sketching the design takers a mere 1 percent of total development time – the rest is a long, and arduous, process.

Explore More Of Rimac’s C_Two Hypercar Production Facility

Rimac makes its own carbon fiber, batteries and electric motors – and even supplies them to big boys like Aston Martin and Koenigsegg.

Croatian Hypercar Maker Extraordinaire Rimac Shows Us Around Its Facility

Rimac is currently getting ready to commence production of its 1888 hp C_Two electric hypercar.

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After using CFD simulations to determine air flow, every single bodywork surface was modified.

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Mate Rimac speaks about his latest creation, the jaw-dropping C_Two electric hypercar.

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New Rimac hypercar holds more than 400 HP over the Bugatti Chiron.

Rimac’s Next Hypercar Teased With Soaring Rear Wing

Watch out world, this thing would be wild.

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