First Customer-Owned SSC Tuatara To Be Revealed At Monterey Car Week

The SSC Tuatara pumps out an extraordinary 1750 hp, targeting a 300 mph top speed.

SSC Tuatara Production Begins, First 1,750HP Hypercar To Be Delivered In Q3

The Tuatara has the lowest drag coefficient of any hypercar to date, says SSC.

1,750 HP SSC Tuatara Put Through Its Paces On The Dyno And A Canyon Road

The SSC Tuatara has a 5.9-liter twin-turbo V8 that, despite forced induction, revs to 9,000 rpm.

2019 SSC Tuatara 1,750HP Behemoth Elegantly Cruises The Road In Official Video

SSC wants to break the 300 mph barrier with the new Tuatara.

The SSC Tuatara Still Looks Like A Spaceship In 2019

We’re hopeful the SSC Tuatara will reach the production line this time.

Watch The SSC Tuatara’s 1750 HP V8 Getting Bench-Tested

SSC says that, once launched, the Tuatara will become the world’s fastest production car.

SSC Says Finished Tuatara Has A Legitimate Shot Of Reaching 300 MPH

SSC is very confident in the performance capabilities of the Tuatara.

2019 SSC Tuatara Brings 1750 HP To Pebble Beach

The Tuatara aims to become the fastest production car in the world.

SSC Tuatara To Have A “Newly Developed” V8 With Over 1,350HP

The Tuatara’s new engine “differs significantly” from the one developed five years ago.

2019 SSC Tuatara To Debut At Monterey Car Week, Promises To Have Highest Top Speed In The World

Seven years after it was originally unveiled, the SSC Tuatara appears ready for production.

Shelby SuperCars Plots A Comeback With Evolved Tuatara Hypercar

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SSC Tuatara Dyno Tested at 1,350HP, Deliveries May Start This December

The Tuatara has been in the works for a few years now,…