TVR Preparing To Start Work On Its New Welsh Factory

TVR is hopeful that it will start customer deliveries of the new Griffith in 2020.

TVR Griffith Delayed Until 2020 Due To EU Regulations

Deliveries of the TVR Griffith were meant to start in early 2019.

Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Vs. Audi Quattro And TVR Griffith Is Jeep’s Idea Of A Drag Race

It was also Jeep’s way of celebrating the UK launch of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which starts from £89,995.

TVR Griffith Sounds Like A Villain’s Ride In New Track Video

If the Grammy Awards had a category for car engines, the Griffith’s Cosworth-tuned V8 would win it.

TVR Partners With Rebellion Racing For Le Mans And WEC

TVR’s partnership with Rebellon marks its motorsport return.

TVR Teases New (And Very Blurry) Le Mans Challenger, Will Debut On April 5

TVR returns to Le Mans after 13 years of absence .

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