Uber Copter Now Available To All NYC Users Between JFK Airport And Lower Manhattan

Previously, only Uber Platinum and Diamond members could use this service.

Uber CEO Says “It Sure Looked Like” Levandowski Took Sensitive Files From Google

Anthony Levandowski was recently charged with 33 counts of trade secret theft, though Uber claims they never used any such info.

Former Google And Uber Engineer Anthony Levandowski Charged With Trade Secret Theft

Anthony Levandowski had been at the center of the lawsuit between Waymo and Uber.

Uber Reports Record $5.2 Billion Loss In Second Quarter Of The Year

This is the ride-hailing company’s largest ever loss, although the bulk of it was related to a one-time cost.

Uber Driver Gets Mistaken For Getaway Driver, Gets Arrested, Then Released

The Uber driver gave a ride to a man who had just robbed a gas station with a pair of scissors.

Not Content With Land, Uber Wants To Take Ride-Hailing To The Skies

Uber’s flying electric taxis will initially be human-operated, but the ultimate goal is to use autonomous planes.

Uber And Volvo Unveil Production-Ready, Fully Autonomous XC90

By 2025, Volvo expects at least one-third of all its new cars to feature fully autonomous tech.

Uber Goes Public But Shares Fall 7.6 Per Cent In First Day Of Trading

Uber was valued at around $76.5 billion at the end of its first day of trading as a public company.

Uber And Lyft Drivers Reveal Just How Annoying Ride-Hailing Passengers Can Be

Driving people around will expose you to all types of behaviors, some of which can be downright annoying.

Uber Introduces New Safety Features After Student’s Murder In March

Uber’s app reminds users to confirm the driver’s identity and match the car’s license plate before taking a ride.

Uber’s Self-Driving Unit To Be Spun Off After Toyota, Denso, Softbank Investments

Following this investment, the Uber Advanced Technologies Group has been valued at $7.25 billion.

Female Uber Drivers In Saudi Arabia Can Request To Have Only Female Passengers

The Kingdom lifted its ban on female driving last June, and Uber is complying with its customers’ wishes.