Waymo’s Autonomous Cars And Drivers Are Being Attacked In Arizona

Not all Arizonans like companies like Waymo testing self-driving vehicles on local streets.

Waymo One Debuts As The First Ride-Hailing App For Self-Driving Cars

The service launches in the Metro Phoenix area for early riders from Waymo’s research program.

Waymo To Launch Uber-Rivaling Autonomous Taxi Service Next Month

The new self-driving taxi service will be launched under a new brand name .

Waymo Says Autonomous Pacifica Would Have Avoided Crash Caused By Human Error

The driver of a Waymo prototype took over and changed lanes, hitting a motorcycle.

Waymo Gets Approval To Test Autonomous Cars Without A Driver In California

Driverless vehicles will initially be restricted to five areas, which the company knows well, but will eventually expand.

Waymo’s Autonomous Vehicles Have Driven More Than 10 Million Miles On Public Roads

Waymo has also surpassed 7 million miles in advanced simulators that recreate many real-world scenarios.

Waymo Publishes Guidelines On How First Responders Should Deal With Self-Driving Cars

Dealing with an autonomous vehicle accident is different than most.

Regulation Changes To Allow Vehicles Without Steering Wheels On U.S. Roads

The Transportation Secretary said fully autonomous cars will significantly reduce the number of accidents and deaths .

Waymo Launches Subsidiary In Shanghai Paving Autonomous Way Into China

The Google-owned company has set up shop in China to design and test self-driving vehicle tech.

Waymo Has Completed Over 8 Million Miles Of Autonomous Testing

Waymo has been racking up the miles as it wants to launch an autonomous taxi service this year.

Waymo Takes Delivery Of First Three Jaguar I-Pace SUVs – 19,997 Still To Go

Waymo has placed a huge order for JLR’s electric crossover that will form part of its autonomous fleet.

Waymo Exec Accused Of Stealing Trade Secrets Forms Self-Driving Truck Company

Anthony Levandowski continues to make headlines in the autonomous tech world.