Are These Supercars from Need for Speed Movie Just Replicas?

We have to admit that we were really impressed when we saw the kind of machinery the producers of the upcoming "Need for Speed" movie were able to get their hands on – a McLaren P1, Koenigsegg Agera R, Spania GTA, not to mention the more than exclusive Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

However, judging from these new photos that surfaced on the Internet, some of these cars seem to be replicas of the original models. A Reddit user posted close-up shots of the McLaren P1 and Koenigsegg Agera R in which the two hypercars look fake.

Just check out at the McLaren’s headlights, or worse, its honeycomb grille – they are definitely not like those that appear in the official images of the million-euro P1. As for the Koenigsegg, we like to believe that no one in their right mind would fit a driving cage on top of such an expensive supercar…

In a way, we’re glad no real supercars are being harmed while filming the "Need for Speed" movie. It is logical for manufacturers not to provide such expensive vehicles for a movie, as replicas should be good enough for high-speed scenes, where details we mentioned earlier are impossible to spot.

Nevertheless, the replicas are made well enough to fool viewers at a first glance. The fact that all cars that appear in the movie are licensed by the producer with the support of the brands, seems to help too. However, one could argue the authenticity of the movie may suffer from using replicas, but we’ll just have to wait for "Need for Speed" to be released in theaters to be able to assess that.

By Dan Mihalascu

Photos via Reddit , Story References: es.Autoblog




CarolineFournier said... »April 10, 2013

At first, I honestly thought they we're replicas. Agera's Tailights looks fake, not to mention the overall finish look a little messy, + all black area on the car should be carbon fiber and it looks like plastic to me. McLaren P1, the bottom of the front bumper looks like plastic.. GTA, those wheels seems to be painted with a can. Bugatti Veyron, do I need to explain?!

kachuks said... »April 10, 2013

Those are some damn nice replicas.

Chuck Norris said... »April 10, 2013

No wonder movies have million dollar cars be able to crash and get destroyed

Its me. You know... "that guy" said... »April 10, 2013

Of course they're replicas. The insurance, etc needed to use them would be crazy. But, they must be endorsed or even supplied by the manufactures to be used which explains why they look so accurate at first glance.

Jeff Sor said... »April 10, 2013

I think the cars are stunt doubles, Makes sense that they wouldn't use the actual super cars for the intense chases and crashes that the movie will undoubtedly have.

Hugh Jorgan said... »April 10, 2013

There are soft stunt doubles and hard stunt doubles.

ben nibohs said... »April 10, 2013

they all look seriously out of proportion

viper1 said... »April 11, 2013

I live where they are filming (Mendocino County). Local CHP officer said all were replicas except the GTA Spano (Yellow). Got a few pics and viedos myself but nothing close up. Youtube "Need for Speed hwy253" for 2 videos (Not mine)

f1300 said... »April 11, 2013

"authenticity of the movie"... "Need for Speed"? Oh, come on! No one can seriously expect "authenticity" when talking about a movie which aims solely on maximum "bang"-effects without any sense of physics. Tanks chasing high-speed-cars on tarmack? Cars jumping out of burning planes unharmed? And nobody never gets hurt seriously except the "bad guys", those on the road (anyone ever cared for the traffic smashed aside?) and one dramatic death of a good guy? Please!

Sushi Ninja said... »April 11, 2013

I hope so

jh said... »April 11, 2013

" authenticity of the movie " ??? come on, we are talking about nfs - what does that have to do with authenticity?!

Kaveh Ghavim said... »April 11, 2013

They seem like fakes, but then again, would you want to total a million dollar car?

Garrett Spicer said... »April 11, 2013

I'm ok with it. its kind of like "No animals were harmed int he filming of this movie" but with cars.

Rayner Lim said... »April 11, 2013

If they fixed the lights (esp. on the Veyron), it would be so much more convincing.

nicholas mazzi said... »April 14, 2013

the lexus rx in the second picture looks real.

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