We'll Take This BMW M2 CSL, Please And Thank You

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There's only one thing that gets BMW fanatics salivating more than the letter M – and that's the CSL badge. The letters have long stood for the most hardcore performance Bimmers, and are rumored to resurface on an even more focused version of the M2.

Now before you get too excited, we should point out that this car doesn't actually exist. It's been speculatively rendered by one Monholo Oumar, the same French graphic artist who gave us that tempting 320i Turbo Hommage concept a couple of months ago (among others). But man, does it look spot on.

The concept is based on the M2 coupe, which we're glad to say very much does exist, and has already gathered a loyal following. Only the CSL renderings add (much) wider fenders, more aggressive aero (including a rather large rear wing and exposed-carbon ground effects), and those delicious racing stripes that are a signature of BMW's racing models.

The interior has also been virtually stripped out and fitted with a half roll cage, fixed bucket seats, and five-point harnesses to keep driver and passenger in place as the vehicle looks capable of producing very high G forces indeed.

Will BMW ultimately make an M2 CSL? Maybe, if we're lucky. And will it look anything like this? Probably not this extreme, but we can dream – and dream we will with these delectable renderings in the gallery below.

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