Ford Mustang Crashes While Warming Up For Spectator Feast

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We know all too well that humans are the favorite meal of the Ford Mustang but as it turns out, not even concrete barriers are safe from the Mustang menace.

At a recent drifting event at Greenville Pickens Speedway in South Carolina, a murdered-out Mustang vented its frustration at the lack of people to feed on and decided to violently smack its head against the barrier during the driver’s failed drifting attempt.

The following Mustang has clearly been extensively modified and sounds absolutely ferocious during the clip but the driver’s uneven throttle and steering inputs unsettle it before it violently flicks around in frustration.

In all seriousness, the driver isn’t believed to have been harmed in the crash and credit where credit is due, at least he was practicing drifting on an empty circuit and not while leaving a Cars & Coffee event. If that wasn’t the case, he probably would have ended up like this guy.

Thanks to John P. for the tip!