Hyundai Launches California’s Ioniq Unlimited+ Subscription Program

Hyundai has just launched its new Ioniq Unlimited+ electric vehicle subscription program which will allow Californian residents to jump behind the wheel of an Ioniq without having to purchase or lease one.

To sign up, interested parties will have to supply a $2,500 down payment which is then offset by the California electric vehicle rebate. The subscription service then lasts for 36 months and starts at $275 plus tax for the entry-level Ioniq Electric model. Prices then rise to $305 per month for the Ioniq Electric Limited and $365 for the Ioniq Electric Limited with the optional Ultimate Package.

Including in the 36-month subscription is unlimited mileage and for the first 50,000 miles covered, the owner is reimbursed for the electricity needed to charge the car. Additionally, all service and maintenance is included in the first 50,000 miles.

Initially, the subscription service for the Ioniq Electric will only be available to Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside county residents before expanding to Northern California and San Diego later this year.