Ford Mustang Crashes While Warming Up For Spectator Feast

We know all too well that humans are the favorite meal of the Ford Mustang but as it turns out, not even concrete barriers are safe from the Mustang menace.

At a recent drifting event at Greenville Pickens Speedway in South Carolina, a murdered-out Mustang vented its frustration at the lack of people to feed on and decided to violently smack its head against the barrier during the driver’s failed drifting attempt.

The following Mustang has clearly been extensively modified and sounds absolutely ferocious during the clip but the driver’s uneven throttle and steering inputs unsettle it before it violently flicks around in frustration.

In all seriousness, the driver isn’t believed to have been harmed in the crash and credit where credit is due, at least he was practicing drifting on an empty circuit and not while leaving a Cars & Coffee event. If that wasn’t the case, he probably would have ended up like this guy.

Thanks to John P. for the tip!


  • Mind Synthetic

    gooood… gooood

  • Harry_Wild

    Now you know why muscle cars are for straight a way racing! It not a NASCAR you know! It not met to do turns! These cars are made to do drag racing! Drifting involves going sideways and muscle cars just do not have that capabilities as you can see!

    • Six_Tymes


    • thunder bolt

      Not even in a straight line, not this type of Mustang

    • samurai

      What year is it? just watch the reviews of the Camaro 2SS and comparisons to the M4 on track…

      • Silimarina

        Camaro yes, this Mustang model has a live axle

    • Bo Hanan

      I agree!
      At some point you have to admit that it isn’t just the drivers who are screw-ups. The Mustang isn’t designed for turning corners at speed.

      • Rick Alexander

        What the heck are you smoking? The Mustang handles just fine. I used to sell them, and drive the crap out of them. You can hear the driver in the video making uneven throttle inputs. Y’all need to get some education SON!

    • Rick Alexander

      Another individual who doesn’t know what the heck they’re talking about. I guess you’ve never heard of Vaughn Gittin Jr.

      • JacobC

        Let’s be honest here. No part of that is still a Ford Mustang. Ok, maybe a fender.

        • Jason Miller

          The chassis is still original per FD rules.

          • Dennis James

            Can you see the turning angle of the front wheel ? No normal car is able to do that.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Glory Glory, Hallelujah…

  • John

    should have just paid for drifting lesson.

  • Kash

    Awe. poor thing must be hungry, better find it a Cars & Coffee crowd to snack on.

  • Miknik

    When you cxan’t even await the crowd 😉

    Seriously, I don’t get it, he was loosing it already way before and didn’t brake or lift of until shortly before the impact. And it’s basically always the same in these Mustang (etc.) videos. Why? Do people really think they will spectacularly recover from a situation where they lost it long before?

  • Squeaky_1

    As the good KYLIE MOLE (here in Australia) would say: “How embarrassment!”

  • Wandering_Spirit

    While bad driving skills may have a role, i am starting to think chassis and suspensions are not done for the job, too. I remember BMWs before modern electronics came to put a patch on it, had very waggy tails and the problem was the chassis. Something Alfa Romeos at that time didn’t have. I am not a Mustang expert but i find it hard, jokes aside, that all bad drivers end up by getting a Mustang.

    • Bob

      This was an oddly interesting comment.

  • Bob
  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Driver: What happened! I watched YouTube to see how to do it! I don’t understand what went wrong! Chris Harris did it and I watched his video!

  • JonPaul

    Stupid show-off

  • Vassilis

    Very well done!

  • TrevP

    Whats new? Mustangs seems to always be crashing. Its too bad ass for there stupid drivers i guess.

    • S3XY

      Too bad ass? More like too horribly engineered. A car that is well built should not slip up this much.

  • disqus_CRkG23jjbo

    poor driver and too much power. betting this would happen to him in any sportscar that he drove. i would have smiled more if it were a vette or a camaro.

  • Romanovich

    ford has been created this car only for this purpose

  • Bruce Borowski

    no sorry folks “dumb driver” crashes mustang ………. the car isn’t the problem

    • S3XY

      The car is the problem. If it was well engineered it wouldn’t have spun out of control nor locked up. Bad car.

  • LeftLanePrius

    Are Mustangs inherently an unstable system per the mass distribution of the vehicle? I mean, I don’t see this too often with the 350z for example.

  • benT

    you saying this is an autonomous car or just a stupid dillage learning to drive…………………

  • Jason Miller

    Idiot driver. Plain and simple.