Driver Flips Range Rover After Failed J-Turn

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Unless you're a trained professional, or Tom Cruise backed by a half-dozen stunt guys, attempting a high-speed J-turn on public roads is a massively bad idea.

This goes double if say, you're doing it in something like a Range Rover, which has the center of mass of a moderately tall building. Either way, at least the driver wasn't injured during this failed stunt.

What has us worried is that he attempted the maneuver in a residential neighborhood. Whether or not that was his own driveway, we don't know, but it was certainly dangerous nonetheless.

Of all the cars you could attempt a high-speed J-turn with, we reckon the Range Rover has to be in your top 5 as far as bad ideas go. Someone in the comments section suggested that a BMW (presumably an X5) might have fared better, which is plausible, although we'd suggest refraining from doing these types of stunts. Period.