This 455HP BMW M2 Should Satisfy All Your M Desires

BMW’s next M5 will deliver over 600 hp and out-accelerate some supercars but the truth is, no one needs that much power on the road.

For M enthusiasts looking for the ultimate driving thrills, a modified M2 is almost certainly the better option.

This particular M2 has been extensively modified by PP Performance and following the fitment of an enlarged turbo, downpipe, custom exhaust and an ECU tune, the 3.0-liter straight-six delivers 450 hp, about the same as the M4 CS and as the video below shows, makes the sports car sound absolutely intoxicating.

Looking beyond all the stickers adorning this M2, the car looks relatively stock. However, one glance at the rear end reveals the huge new tailpipes and one stab of the throttle produces a raspy yet burbling sound dramatically different to a standard M2.

With so many upgrades kits now available for the M2, current owners can get M3 and M4 performance without jumping into those more expensive models. Perfect for them, not so perfect for BMW.


  • Six_Tymes

    Canted drivers seat. NO THANKS

  • alexxx

    intoxicating sound ,beautiful car… and beautiful nature too :-))