Renault Megane RS R26 Driver Totally Misjudges This Sequence

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Conquering a track such as the Nurburgring usually means being familiar with all its corners and how fast, or slow, you need to go.

As this video shows, whoever is behind the wheel of this Megane RS R26 was completely off his racing line approaching that initial left turn. The car immediately started to oversteer, which is when the driver lost control and the French hot hatch spun from wall to wall.

The initial impact with the barrier didn't appear to be very violent. The second one however was big enough to deploy the passenger-side airbag, which was probably for the best.

While we can't see the full extent of the damage as the car limps away from the camera, it doesn't appear to be going anywhere on its own four wheels anytime soon.

Also, dare we say that even if the driver managed to correct the initial oversteer and bring the car back in line, it would have still been going too fast for the next turn, and might have understeered into that same barrier.