Mazda to Discard V6 Engine, Plans to Develop Skyactive Rotary Engines

When premium carmakers such as BMW and Audi put so much focus on their four-cylinder powerplants, it’s only reasonable that mainstream brands like Mazda do the same. Currently, the Japanese carmakers offers a larger V6 engine on its Mazda6 sedan and CX-9 crossover, but that won’t be the case with their successors. Speaking to Car & Driver magazine, Robert Davis, Mazda’s senior vice president of U.S. Operations, told the publication that it has no plans to develop a next generation V6 under it SkyActive program. Instead, it will focus on making its larger cars lighter and offer turbocharged versions of its four-cylinder engines. Davis was also asked about the future of Mazda’s Rotary engine. According to the Mazda official, the company will continue its development applying the same core technologies found in other SkyActive products including more-efficient transmissions. He added that Mazda is also exploring the idea of using a new rotary engine as an electric generator. When asked about the next generation of the popular MX-5 / Miata, Davis said that it too will benefit from the firm’s SkyActive program and that it will be lighter than the current model. In addition, he said that the company is preparing some very special editions of the compact roadster model.