Alleged Hyundai Sonata YF Sudden Acceleration Crash at 117km/h Captured on Video

No doubt, you have all heard about the sudden acceleration problems that plagued the Toyota Group, mainly in North America, for a couple of years. Now, a driver is putting the blame of a car crash that occurred this past Sunday, May 6, 2012, in the South Korean city of Daegu, on a sticky accelerator. The said car is the latest generation Hyundai Sonata YF sedan. What makes this incident of particular interest is that it was captured on film by a dashboard mounted camera in the Sonata, which is something we don’t remember seeing before in crashes relating or alleged to be related to sticky accelerator pedals. The 30-second long clip shows the Korean sedan stopped at a light with a previous generation Hyundai standing in front when the Sonata appears to accelerate. At this point, we hear a conversation from the driver and passengers as well as a sound that may or may not be from the handbrake being lifted. From there on, the Korean sedan appears to accelerate uncontrollably with the driver passing several red lights, narrowly avoiding a couple of crashes only to end up rear-ending a stopped car at a speed of 117km/h (72mph) – at least according to the GPS data displayed on the video. Korean news sites said that the Daegu Nambu Police is investigating the accident and has asked the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for help. Any assistance from our Korean readers to translate what is being said in the video, would be appreciated.