Dean Martin's Customized 1962 Ghia L6.4 Could be Yours for Just Under $200,000

He may be gone for close to 17 years now, but the coolness of Dean Martin is timeless. In fact, some would say that his star only gets bigger as the years go by. Naturally, a cool person like Martin would only roll around in an equally cool car in his ostensible heydays of the 1960s. That car was none-other than the ultra-rare Ghia L6.4 from 1962, of which only 26 examples were ever made. However, Dean Martin wasn’t content with owning the Chrysler V8-powered Italian sports coupe and had Hollywood’s George Barris, the man that created the 1966 Batmobile, among other vehicles, make a few customizations of his own. Now, half a century later, Martin’s bespoke Ghia L6.4 has been put up for sale on eBay by Hyman Classic Cars with a ‘buy it now’ price of $199,500.

From eBay Seller’s Description: “The last iteration of a series begun by Gene Casaroll’s Dual-Ghia, the Ghia L6.4 embodied not only increasingly capable chassis and engines but also more refined design by Ghia. There are only 26 Ghia L6.4s. Each was individually specified and built for celebrities and industrialists, most famously the Hollywood stars Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and their Rat Pack friends. Dean Martin found the Ghia L6.4 insufficiently exclusive as delivered by Ghia and had this one subtly customized for him by Hollywood’s King of the Kustomizers, George Barris. Identified by a plaque on the center console and a pair of original Sixties’ Barris Kustoms decals inside the corners of the windshield, this exceptional car has never been restored, nor needed restoration. Finished in black that highlights its body lines and the vast glass area of its greenhouse, the oval headlights reflect Barris’s touch. It is fitted with a Nardi woodrim steering wheel and all the luxury touches expected of an exclusive Sixties semi-custom. Power comes from a 335hp Chrysler 383 cubic inch V-8 with TorqueFlite 3-speed automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. Chrome wire wheels with narrow whitewall tires are highlighted by thin chrome accents around the wheelwells and along the rocker panels nicely setting off thin chrome front fender vent trim. The black leather interior is original and has an inviting patina. With provenance, history and exceptional care, Dean Martin’s Ghia L6.4 needs nothing to be enjoyed and shown. Its originality and celebrity history are a delight.”

Story References: eBay via Boldride Thanks for the tip Chad G.!

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