Toyota MR2 Poses as a Lamborghini Murcielago

Over the years, we have seen the Toyota MR2 falling into the hands of numerous kit car makers who have used the Japanese sports model as a base for the creation of all sorts of replicas. Among other clones, the mid-engine MR2 has been transformed into a Ferrari Enzo, a Ferrari 460 Modena Spider, a Ferrari F430 Spider, a strange looking creation from Japan called the DragStar F1 Dragon, a Gumpert Apollo and believe it or not, even a Ford Mustang Eleanor. What he hadn’t seen before is a Lamborghini replica, with this build coming from Bulgaria. The owner of the Murcielago lookalike says that it is based on a second generation MR-2 from 1992, which at the time, was often referred to as a poor man’s Ferrari due to its resemblance to the 348 and F355 models. This example is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that’s good for 163hp (165PS), linked to a manual gearbox driving the rear wheels. The car is said to have covered around 75,000 miles or 121,000 kilometers. Even though the Lamborghini MR2 is located in Bulgaria, the eBay seller is offering it for sale worldwide at a buy it now price of US$31,500 (19 900GBP or 25 000EUR).