18-Year Old Builds a Toyota Supra Replica from a Celica Coupe

We don’t know about Denmark, but in the States, the fourth generation of the Toyota Supra (1992-2002) is not only a rare commodity nowadays – for example, we found 8 listed for sale on eBay and 91 on Autotrader, and that’s for the entire USA- but a very expensive one at that, with unmolested, low mileage cars often exchanging hands for $40,000 or more.

The reason why we mention Denmark is that, CarScoop reader Daniel S. brought to our attention a replica of a Supra IV built upon a Toyota Celica coupe from 1994 that he found listed for sale in his country.

According to Danish website Vmax, the Celica Supra was made by an 18-year old from the town of Skjern.

Besides the Supra-like front and rear ends, the rocker panels, and the 19-inch wheels in tires size 235/35 at the front and 265/30 at the rear, the young man also improved the car’s performance through a number of upgrades, beginning with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine sourced from a Celica GT-Four.

Other improvements under the hood range from an HKS exhaust to an Eiback sports suspension and larger brakes. After all the modifications, the engine is said to produce 297-horses.

The car is currently priced to sell at 67,000kr, which comes to around US$12,000 / €9,000 at the current exchange rates.

Story References: Dba via Vmax

‘Tak’ to Daniel S. for the tip and the photos!



  • degi

    i love how he brought the Supra back to it’s original platform the Celica!

  • Bo Hanan

    Well done!

  • paul

    12,000$ with the brake kit, 300 hp, leather interior, upgraded center console, exhaust, wheels. I don’t care if this is a replica it sounds like a good deal to me and I would buy if not for shipping.

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