Toyota Says it’s Serious About Performance Models, May Turn TMG Into a Sub-Brand

Toyota has toyed around with the idea of making Toyota Motorsport GmbH or TMG for short, its official sporty sub-brand, but up until now, they don’t really have much to show for it, aside from a crazy Lexus LS (pictured) and (entry-level) racing cars, some of which are electric. However, as we already know, the intention within Toyota is to have a better range of cars, and aside from making its core lineup of models more appealing to actual people, they’re also striving to give the brand image the sporting edge it lost along with some of its more memorable offerings. However, Auto Express reveals that Toyota is actually serious about making TMG a sub-brand, after having talked to Karl Schlicht, executive vice president at Toyota Europe. He said there is “an appetite for Toyota to do credible performance cars,” and that the sportier cars could actually wear a TMG badge. Our say is that this could benefit the brand as a whole, and they could even make TMG versions of their more mundane vehicles on offer, not only to make a handful of enthusiasts happy, but also put the company image back where president Akio Toyoda knows it should be. By Andrei Nedelea