Pikes Peak Truck that Drifts Tries Gymkhana and a Jump, Because Size Matters…

With a massive turbocharger that gets extra help from a supercharger, and an extra shot of methanol when needed, this Pikes Peak-ready truck has already proved to us that it has what it takes to do spectacular controlled drifts.

However, last time we saw it, it wasn’t exactly being filmed in a professional manner, and the resulting video was only saved by the fact that it had a massive truck doing donuts in it…

Now, though, the Banks Super-Turbo Freightliner is back with a Gymkhana-styled approach that is sure to make it even more renowned than the first time round. The makers of the video also threw in an actual drift car, many crazy stunts and a spectacular jump at the end over some Smart cars.

The piece is called “Size Matters 2,” and if this one gets a positive enough reception, there’s no reason why the creators couldn’t go even crazier and make a sequel to this sequel.

By Andrei Nedelea


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