Touring's Breathtaking Alfa Disco Volante Wears Green and Gold for Geneva – Plus Top Gear Video

Ask me which new automobile I’d like to own and keep forever regardless of cost or use and I’d say that, the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante from Touring Superleggera would be one of my first picks, for its looks, its handcrafted nature and its lineage / paternal link to the Alfa 8c. I mean, just pause for a minute and let your eyes slowly flow and absorb the lines on this car; it’s like instant machine-crush… We’ve seen the Disco Volante before, with Italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera first presenting it as a concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, before gaining an official endorsement from Alfa Romeo to build it using existing Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione donor cars just last September. At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, the Italians will show another example of the Disco Volante coupe, this one finished in a dark, almost British Green hue with an underlying golden paint beautifully accentuating the gold body trimmings and wheels, with the interior incorporating black, gold and shades of brown. The Disco Volante, which keeps the running gear of the 8c Competizione mostly intact, including the 4.7-liter V8 engine, was recently featured in a Top Gear episode, with Jeremy Clarkson showing his softer side for the Italian coachbuilt creation. Touring Superleggera shared the video from TG and you can watch it for yourself right after you take a look at the pictures of the Geneva show car that follow below. By John Halas Video credits Top Gear via Touring Superleggera