Pagani Reportedly Readying Huayra Roadster 2016 Launch

The Pagani Huayra is a spectacular work of art among cars that also happens to accelerate at an obscene rate, as well as brake and steer very competently indeed. The best part, though, is its interior that will be made more visible for all to see in two years’ time when it was (unofficially) announced that they were releasing the drop-top variant.

The roadster will carry no mechanical modifications over the hardtop, featuring an untouched version of the six-liter V12 it uses today.

According to Autoblog, where this information originates from, the Huayra roadster was announced at the same time the coupe was launched, and it was promised in three years’ time. Obviously, it didn’t happen, and now they say we should expect to see the car debut sometime within the next two years.

We don’t know and can’t speculate as to what kind of roof mechanism it will get, though it’s pretty obvious that the spectacular gullwing doors will be the first to go.

By Dan Mihalascu


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