Alfa Giulia Mules Dressed Up With Maserati Body And Jeep Parts Scooped?

A couple of Alfa Romeo mules was spotted during some winter testing in Livigno, Italy wearing a Maserati costume by tumblr user inno88.

Under the Ghilbli suit hides no other but the RWD 3-Series rival and 159 successor, widely known so far as the new Giulia. There is also a photo of the interior but don’t get too excited. As you can see for yourself, the dash looks like a big mix of FCA’s components which are there just for functional reasons and is light years away from the final interior.

Alfa Romeo is depending heavily on the success of the upcoming model, since it will mark the return of the Milanese company back in the US market and it will be the start of the brand’s infamous relaunch.

Alfa Romeo keeps its lips tight-sealed about any of the specs of the new Giulia but we already have some info on the powertrains it might use. The new RWD platform will be used for other future Alfas as well in order to help the Milanese company reach its goal of “returning among the big boys”.

The new Alfa Romeo is set to debut on June 24 in Italy and will be available for the US market for the first time after 1995’s Alfa withdrawal.

Via Jalopnik