Lister-Jaguar XJS With 7.0-Liter V12, 612 HP Going to Auction

The Jaguar XJS is not a sporty car, but more of a GT that never really captured the magic of the E-Type it was meant to replace. It was still quite elegant and its engines made a nice noise, but it was plagued by reliability issues and the idea that it could never really fill its predecessor’s sleek 1960s shoes…

However, you can make an XJS much cooler (and faster) if you add the name Lister before it. The Lister-Jaguar XJS 7.0, also known as the Lister Mark 3, has a V12 engine that is that big. It’s based on a Jaguar unit, but pumps out a whopping 612 hp using a twin supercharger system.

That sounds mental, but it does come with an assortment of components to make it a bit more manageable.

Firstly, you’ll notice the wide-body kit that dramatically changes its look compared to stock and the suspension which is lower and harder and rides on quite wide-looking rubber (we don’t know exactly how wide).

This particular car was first converted by Lister in 1990 and then upgraded to “Full 7.0-liter Le Mans Specification” in 1992.

It’s currently advertised on PistonHeads and it’s going under the hammer at the end of the month expected to fetch around $60,000 or €52,400.

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