Check Out This Awesome & Hypothetical Alfa Romeo Model Line-Up

Regardless if you’re a die-hard Alfa Romeo fan or just passionate about cars in general, this image should stimulate your imagination big time!

Yes sir, this is all hypothetical but then why do I feel like a kid again, sorting out my favorite toy cars? Because it’s fun to imagine what the future could bring, that’s why. It goes double when you can actually associate an idea to a design and even give it a name.

Let’s start with the obvious “culprit”, the Giulia. We have the QV saloon, the QV Coupe/Cabrio/Shooting Brake and a Sport Tourer version that actually looks identical to the Shooting Brake, except for the wheels and the color scheme.

On to the Giulietta which according to this designer, should be somewhat of a cross between the Giulia and the old 147. I actually don’t mind the’s better than the current model, that’s for sure!

Next up we have a larger saloon called the “Alfetta”. Horrible name, pretty nice design though. Keep in mind, all of these cars are derived from the Giulia.

Then we have the two…crossovers? Perhaps they should have been a bit bigger in size next to the other models but yes, the ‘Kamal’ should actually be a compact SUV, while the ‘Matta’ the full-size SUV?

Finally the bottom row is packing some serious heat. We’ve got the 6C, 6C Cabrio and 6C Squadra Corse – which all look absolutely fantastic.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Alfa Romeo build this exact 6C. I seriously wouldn’t change a thing.

What do you guys think?

Renderings courtesy of LP Design


  • Kash

    the coupe rendering looks like they shrunk the sedan and got rid of the door handle and gap.
    The shooting brake and sport tourer look identical.
    And in general, the use of the design language us more German than the Germans.
    Edit: they didn’t even shrink the sedan to make the coupe…


  • europeon

    I used to come here for real industry news and proper car scoops.
    I still visit you daily out of habit, but content wise… it’s less and less informative and it seems to cater more and more to the pre-teen crowd.

    • donald seymour

      I don’t believe this particular article caters to just teens; however, I do believe that some coverage on this site doesn’t belong on this site. And then again there are some random article that I do like to see from this site.

      • europeon

        It certainly doesn’t cater to us. It’s not something based on any kind of official (or leaked) plan, it’s just some wet fantasy of some kid or an immature person… then an article was written about this. Just look on how many stupid things were posted lately, from questionable “tuning”, rehashed Jalopnik articles, Youtube clip summaries, to this kind of nonsense. At least, if you still want to have this kind of articles, make them proper editorials and give them some plus value.

        The only thing that might justify this is if the site got a considerable bump in traffic following this kind of articles.

        But me… I miss the times when John was pretty much an one man show, because it was all quality content. At least I hope he’ll reconsider and have a tighter and more restrictive filter on the articles that make it to the site.

        • donald seymour

          But here’s another thing about this website, that many don’t put into mind; and that is the “commentors.” Some things on this website are completely rehash, but it’s the individuals who comment which makes this site happen for me. Autoblog could have had the article before Carscoop. But you see I hate the bloggers over there at Autoblog. I never seen such a retarded group in my life. At Carscoop there is a great value in intellectual dialogue. Agreeing and disagreeing with one another, which I find so fun. I Love exchanging ideals and views. There is a true community here; nevertheless, John calm down the crap like 50cent or tabloids stuff. I’m not saying stop it completely, but I am saying that this is a quality site and only quality news should be on it. Now, let me make this very clear. I still want some offbeat news, but just quality offbeat news.

          • Rick Alexander

            Great points, however, maybe there needs to be more feedback from we the commentors in regards to the content we want. We also need to be clear on what is unacceptable. As for the current article we are assessing, I like it. What’s wrong with having someone’s idea of what a new Alfa may look like in various guises as long as its presented professionally and is relative. I’m a car enthusiast, and I come to Carscoop to experience anything that’s car related as long as it’s either informative, entertaining, thought provoking, or all of the above. Carscoops has a very diverse audience, so its no surprise that on occasion there will be content that doesn’t resonate well with those of us that are on the otherside of time. With that said, I still prefer Carscoops to many of the other car sites out there that I tend to frequent.

    • c3vzn

      Agreed. The quality of this site has dropped dramatically in the last year. There’s more to the industry than constant posts of fantasy renders and other tabloid-style articles.

    • JohnCarscoop

      Oh, come on Europeon, you know that we try to keep everyone happy here – especially you…

      Yes, the site has grown and evolved over the years, and new people have joined our team, with each person adding his own flavor to the mix, but that doesn’t make it any less informative; in fact, we’re more informative than ever.

      Just today, and with the help of our readers, we broke two stories, the first photo of the new Infiniti Q30 and the scoop of the next Mazda CX-9, while also having two of our own reviews, the new Hyundai Tuscon and later tonight, the Nissan Murano, with plenty of other stories in between; all this during one of the slowest periods of the year.

      You might not like every single story you see / read on Carscoops, but that’s the beauty of variety.

      I can promise you and the other commentators here that we’re carefully listening to what you have to say and are always looking for ways to improve our work and keep you satisfied.

      • europeon

        The problem – and I think the other “oldtimers” agree – is not that CS expanded and now it has a broader spectrum of stories. By doing that, it slowly replaced a lot of other sites that I was visiting, and that is a good thing, because I think is what you intended in the first place.

        The problem is with the poorly written and biased articles (not to mention most of them are about non-stories). For example the avalanche of fanboy BMW articles of late, the filler articles written based on a couple of pictures, that have no real added value in those 250 required words, Youtube clip summaries, or the constant flood of bad “renders” that not only are completely out of touch with reality, but they are so badly executed they don’t even deserve to be taken into account. They slowly ruin the quality of the site.

        So… Yes, it’s OK to have variety – nobody disagrees, but please, keep the quality at the same level you got us used to, because that’s the reason that made us stay.

  • Lathan Kraft

    that 6c looks sexy as hell. It could be a proper 911 fighter.

  • That Ross Chap

    That 6C and 6C Cabrio actually looks quite cool

  • MarketAndChurch

    Guilia Cabrio and 6c/6cCabrio would help Alfa most in squaring up against the 3-series. The Coupe “could” work but would need its b-pillar/window/door moved back a little more with a more coupe like roof. Shooting brake, even if only sold in Europe, would be cool but only if the other variants are successful first.

  • Peter Lundst

    I agree with previous posters. These articles are completely useless and are merely fishing for “eyeballs”.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    the Giulia convertible got me drooling

  • Sergio


  • talented with photoshop, but not inspired this guy. I think we had our share of Alfa render on Carscoop no?

    • Luca_Sciarrillo

      It’s not even talented.

  • cat

    The alfetta looks like a tesla model s for me!

  • fabri99

    They all look the same but that 147 lookalike Giulietta is very hot.

    • .1

      that’s what i want: an alfa romeo 2 door hatchback like the volvo c30. a “hot hatch” is both sporty & functional. i wish AR made that for the united states…

  • Jizz

  • Luca_Sciarrillo

    THIS is a Giulia coupé. It appears to be made by a page called hexgraphica.

    • marcione


      still a render

      Hardtop coupe (no B-pillar) and super-thin A and C-pillars cause its sixties again lol. Safety and body rigidity are for woosies!

      It’s 2015 already. If someone says he’ll sell you coupe. You’ll just get a sedan or liftback with no headroom in the back. No 14 year old sofa-car designer wit MADZ photoshops skillz is able to change it. Didn’t Passat Coupe or BMW GT’s taught you anything?

      • MarketAndChurch

        I think he’s saying that this is a render from hexgraphica.

    • MarketAndChurch

      Missing the b-pillar for safety(yeah I know, safety ruins everything), but other then that, this is the coupe I was thinking of. They did a great job!

  • Kajetan Łukomski

    I would definitely prefer to see less entries on Carscoops, but make more than idiotic, low quality renders and stupid YouTube videos. Come oooon.

  • Will

    Forgotten the spider!!

  • Will

    Also the quote at the bottom means:

    Alfa are born of courage , risk , are daughters of the fire and wind , are the daughters of the grace and strength

  • Kevin Higginson

    Still think FCA missed a trick not making the Guilia a Maserati, as well as the Stelvio. They would have had a higher premium and been a better competitor to Jaguar and the Germans. The 6C would compete against F type, again as a Maserati.
    Alfa should concentrate on being a sports car company to compliment Ferrari, as this would allow Ferrari to remain exclusive with Alfa being the entry cars. Think of the New Ferrari Dino being an Alfa with mid engine and hybrid.

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