Tra-Kyoto Rocket Bunny Golf Mk7 Is A Mad Tuning Exercise

The boso-inspired, shakotan wide-body-kits may look ridiculous and useless on high-end exotics, but they do make mundane cars stand out from the crowd. And this particular Mk 7 Golf is the perfect example.

Widened fenders and bloated body-kits rarely make a supercar more…super than it already is. Don’t get me wrong, a carefully studied pair of over-fenders will make a 458 Italia (for example) a little edgier, but not by very much – since it’s already a striking car to begin with. With the Golf, on the other hand, the story kind of changes.

Even in its toughest form, Volkswagen’s compact car is a normal, practical, well-balanced automobile, that doesn’t necessarily go out of its way to stylistically impress its customers. But thanks to Kei Miura of Tra-Kyoto’s house of style, the German automobile unravels its hidden beauty with a genuine rocketbunny body kit.

Although only a render, this awesome-looking Golf will be built in time for the Essen Motor Show, and it will feature the pictured accessories. And if you think its style is reminiscent to Liberty Walk’s own take on the matter, then you’d might be surprised to find out that Wataru Kato actually collaborates with Kei Miura on its designs (most of LB Performance’s renderings are made in Miura’s own software).

The Golf is characterized by sharp, widened fenders (with brake cooling ducts at the rear), a time-attack inspired front apron and a roof spoiler. Naturally, the fender flares are bolted to the car’s body in the same manner Liberty Walk’s creations made us familiar with, while the roll-cage completes the race-inspired look.

There aren’t any details about the Golf’s performance figures – at least for now – but we hope that intercooler isn’t the stock unit.