White BMW 5-Series Touring Puts On 22″ Wheels

With so many people knocking station wagons because of their boring and utilitarian design, its models like the 5-Series Touring that speak for those in favor of sporty-looking family haulers.

Good-looking premium estates like the 5-Series are a dime a dozen nowadays. Of course, you need to dress them up in a more aggressive exterior kit like something from the M Division or AMG but, as long as you do that and also throw in a set of awesome wheels, you’ll have saloon owners checking out your ride in no time.

This goes for pretty much every single premium station wagon out there, such as the 3-Series Touring, everything from Audi basically (A4 Avant, A6 Avant) and of course Mercedes-Benz with their C-Class and E-Class Estates and CLA and CLS Shooting Brakes.

Since we mentioned the 3-Series Touring, we saw one a few months ago that rather resembles this 5-Series right here in the sense that it was also white, looked sporty and was wearing Vossen wheels, except that those were VFS1 series and in this case we’re looking at a set of 22″ CVT series rims.

While some argue that the Audi A6 Avant is actually one of the most handsome estate in the world (especially in RS6 form), this 5-Series Touring isn’t bad at all, especially since those who can afford it can actually purchase a M550d xDrive Touring without even thinking about M5 and RS6-type performance – as long as they don’t hit the track frequently.

With this car, we also get a good look at the interior which is more elegant than it is sporty but few would probably mind, especially with that much carbon fiber trim – the fact that it says “Vossen” underneath the sat-nav system might be a turn off for some.

Another thing to appreciate about this car is that the owner didn’t have it lowered to the point where the wheels may have just ended up looking silly-big.