Another One Bites The Dust! McLaren P1 Crashed In D.C.

An image with a crashed McLaren P1 loaded on a flatbed has surfaced on the web.

We don’t know the story behind it and how it ended up looking like this, but a Reddit user states that the owner is supposedly “part of the Abu Dhabi ruling class” and a friend of his was driving the hypercar while he was out of the country and eventually crashed it.

The wrecked orange-finished P1 has damages on its right side and, assuming that the impact only affected the visible part of the car, the monocoque chassis is probably safe.

Despite looking repairable, its owner should expect a huge bill, considering that only 375 units of the McLaren P1 were built and each one used to sell for $1.15 million. The incident reportedly happened somewhere in the Washington D.C. area.

This is actually the second time that a McLaren P1 is involved in a serious accident, as the first one was recorded in late 2014, in Dallas, Texas, and the story behind how it ended up in a messed shape remains unknown.