Are You Brave Enough to Buy A Classic Range Rover With A Camper Conversion?

The classic Range Rover is not the first vehicle that springs to mind when you think campers, making this find somewhat more special.

This is a 1995 Range Rover that has been fitted with a 1976 Sunrader walk-through camper cab that features a refrigerator, sink, water heater, bathroom/shower, stove, a solar panel and LED lighting among others.

The chassis is fitted with big tires, a 12,000lb winch, rock sliders and a locking center differential LT230 transfer case with no other technical details shared by the seller. The car looks ready to get you anywhere you want if spending a night or two on a desert is your thing.

The fiberglass cab is placed just behind the B-pillar of the body and is described as watertight so that should give some reassurance to the next owner. Find the listing over here. The seller is asking $27,000 for it.

The question remains though: Would you prefer this converted Range Rover over the usual Japanese or American pickup campers out there?

H/T To BaT!