Dreaming Up A Wild Widebody Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Recognized around the world for its sophisticated and timeless design, the Bentley Continental GT may be aging, but it still remains popular and is regarded as one of the best luxury GT cars.

In the 13 years that the car has been in production, a number of tuning companies have worked their ‘magic’ on the Continental, to varying degrees of success. None have dreamt up anything quite this insane.

Designed by Khyzyl Saleem and Rain Prisk Designs, two well-known automotive renderers, this drop-top Continental GTC has been imagined on the streets of Japan and with a bodykit so insane and outlandish it’d make Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventadors sweat.

The front includes a custom hood, a new bumper and a pronounced splitter sharp enough to shatter shins and scrape speedbumps. Other modifications include extended side skirts, insanely wide front and rear wheel arches and a set of tightly-spoked deep-dish wheels.

While we can’t imagine a tuner going quite this crazy with a Bentley, it’s nice to dream right?