Man Forgets Wife At Gas Station And Drives For 60 Miles

In an awkward chain of events that may remind you of the ‘Last Man on Earth’ television series, a man forgot his wife at a gas station and reportedly drove for 60 miles (96km) before realizing it.

Walter and Claudia, an Argentinean couple, were driving back home following their holiday in Brazil, when the man stopped the car at a gas station to use the restroom and refill the tank and he drove off after without noticing that his significant other is missing.

In his defense, Claudia was sleeping in the back seat of the car when she woke up and went inside the petrol station to buy some biscuits. Upon her return, she could not find her husband and the vehicle anywhere so she tried to call him, but due to poor reception, she failed to get a hold of him.

The 40-year old woman then asked the gas station’s employees for help, who contacted the police and took her to a station until her husband returned.

To make things worthy of The Twilight Zone, the couple’s 14-year old son, who was sitting in the front seat, failed to spot his mother was missing as he was playing on his mobile phone.

Upon his return, the man had to face the woman’s wrath: “She was very angry. She was moaning at him for taking so long to realize“, said a police officer.

Via Telegraph News