Aston Martin Video Teases Upcoming DB11’s 5.2-Litre V12

Aston’s DB9 replacement – the DB11 – will represent a brand new chapter in the British car maker’s saga, as it’s going to be a completely new car.

Now, don’t get us wrong, because the automobile will retain all of Aston’s unique features and design philosophy, but Autocar reports that it will have completely new underpinnings, as the Gaydon-based company looks to replace all of its core sports cars in the next five years.

That said, Aston Martin just teased the future model’s brand new 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 – an engine that will presumably be accompanied in the DB11 line-up by AMG-sourced V8s. To top it off, the car is believed to roll on a newly developed chassis, which could cradle other future models – engineered in house, without the aid of Merc’s AMG division.

Mind you, the video doesn’t reveal anything else, except the ignition button and the start-up concerto growl the V12 makes.

The DB11 will also feature an all-new lightweight suspension that was also developed by Aston Martin (apparently), featuring double wishbones at the front and rear, and using AMG’s expertise to achieve an overall lightweight construction. So, it seems that Aston’s upcoming car is distancing itself from the generic grand tourer idea promoted by the old DB9, especially as the DB11 will allegedly sport a manual transmission – alongside the modern, ZF-sourced, eight-speed automatic.

Design-wise, the magazine says the upcoming car will be notably different from the existing DB9, although it will keep several core Aston Martin cues. Moreover, the DB11’s styling will be influenced by the recently unveiled DBX crossover, as well as the CC100 study.