ATS Launches Honda Bike-Powered 2016 Sport Dieci Track Toy

Italian automaker Automobili Turismo Sport (ATS) is continuing in its attempts to successfully relaunch after the company reformed in 2013 and to do so, has created the 2016 Sport Dieci.

The Sport Dieci has been created as a potential rival to the very best offered by Radical, known for creating some of the world’s fastest cars. The Dieci acts as the entry-level model in a proposed varying model lineup and draws on a 1000cc Honda motorcycle engine for its drive. That powerplant packs a punch with 190 hp and thanks to an overall weight around the 400 kg mark, the ATS Sport Dieci has an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 490 hp per tonne.

To ensure the track car takes corners as well as it does arrow-straight roads, it’s been outfitted with completely independent and adjustable suspension, an adjustable Quaife differential, potent Tarox brakes (6 piston at the front), a steel rollcage, front-mounted honeycomb crash box and a Sparco steering wheel.

ATS claims that the Sport Dieci is FIA-compliant and can therefore enter into an array of Italian and European racing championships.

Apparently, 15 examples have already been sold starting at €39,900 each.