Clippers Star Blake Griffin Back In New KIA Optima Ad

As we’d previously learned, there’s more than one way to get in the zone and if you’re Blake Griffin, it can be through one of several things you’re amazing at while on the basketball court.

This time, Griffin’s mid-range game is on and he’s shooting the lights out – which is actually that happens quite often during Clippers games. Aside from being a tremendous athlete and one of the league’s most explosive dunkers, Griffin is also an excellent passer and mid-range shooter.

To be fair, the reason why he was in the zone during the first such Optima commercial was very similar to this one. He was playing in an “intense game”, looking relaxed and getting ready to go dunk over a couple of guys.

Not much has changed since the last time KIA came up with this type of ad. Actually scratch that, since the last spot, the Optima was launched in the UK (starting from £21,495), was scooped in its ‘Sportspace’ Wagon form, was unveiled as a PHEV and won Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy award.

Also, one of its main competitors, the Ford Fusion, underwent a couple of small aesthetic and tech-related modifications, which means that the Optima will need to work extra-hard in order to keep making its owners feel special.