Bosch Devises Innovative Active Accelerator Pedal

Technology giant and parts supplier Bosch has just revealed an advanced new feature that aims to reduce fuel consumption in quite a novel way.

When installed into a typical petrol or diesel model, the active accelerator pedal can automatically vibrate and lighten pressure when it detects a driver accelerating inefficiently.

The pedal also works in conjunction with the navigation, powertrain and driver assistance systems of a vehicle.

For hybrid vehicles, the active pedal is able to send the driver a haptic signal when power is being shifted between electric drive and the internal combustion engine. Bosch claims this will result in drivers adapting their behavior to ensure they drive in the most fuel efficient way possible.

Additionally, the active pedal is able to provide feedback to the driver about the best time to shift gears and also includes a coasting function, which zeroes fuel consumption (and, thus, emissions) when the car is going downhill.

According to president of the Gasoline Systems division of Robert Bosch GmbH, Stefan Seiberth, “The Bosch active gas pedal helps drivers save fuel and alerts them to potentially dangerous situations as well.” The company says the active pedal can reduce total fuel consumption by as much as seven per cent.

At this stage, it’s unclear if any automakers are interested in using Bosch’s innovative pedal. With ever-stricter emissions standards on the way, it would make perfect sense if they did.