Christopher Walken Hard At Work On Kia’s Super Bowl Ad

Kia is currently putting together a 60-second all-new Optima commercial featuring Academy Award-winner Christopher Walken and a… colorful sock.

The ad is scheduled to run during the third quarter of a game that will see either the Carolina Panthers or the Arizona Cardinals take on either the New England Patriots or the Denver Broncos in this year’s Super Bowl.

The concept of the spot is be to shine a light on the Optima as a “vibrant alternative” for drivers determined to stand out or get in the zone.

The 60-second commercial, created by KMA’s ad agency David & Goliath, is said to be split into two 30-seconds ads, both narrated by Walken.

“Our marketing efforts are built on the core principle of challenging people to discover the exciting new Kia and question everything they think they know about the brand”, explained Michael Sprague, COO & EVP of Kia Motors America. “Kia is a recognized industry leader in styling and quality and, like the all-new Optima, these new ads stand out from the competition with the assistance of someone who knows a thing or two about being distinctive.”

If “distinctive” is what they’re going for, then they may have really hit the nail on the head having one of Hollywood’s widely acknowledged actors starring.

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the Super Bowl that will take place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on Monday, February 8. Other than the game, at least a couple of commercial breaks are going to be something to watch while you’re reaching for beers and snacks…