DS Promising Distinct Designs Between Models

Citroen-owned brand DS just unveiled its new DS 3 and is already promising a host of new high-performance models. Now, the company has confirmed that unlike some other automakers, its future cars will have very distinct designs from each other.

One only has to look at the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class and S-Class to see the ‘Russian doll’ design some companies are adopting. However, DS product boss Eric Apode recently told Autocar that its new models will “be recognizable from 100 or 200 meters away” thanks to their unique exterior designs.

The firm’s design boss Thierry Metroz expanded on this by saying that the marque’s “avant-garde spirit will be achieved through very different models. We will have a different silhouette for each segment, in order to maintain a surprise”.

Of course, all DS models will have common design traits, most significantly with the firm’s front grille that includes “double wings” stretching up to under the headlights and first previewed on the DS Divine concept of 2014.