Ducati To Showcase draXter Concept At Motor Bike Expo

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has been on top of its A-game ever since it was acquired by the VW Group, stretching the boundaries of its products.

Take for instance the XDiavel – a variation of the regular Diavel mad-machine – which Ducati created as a product to comply with the “cruiser” standard and genre. The bike isn’t a full-on cruiser, but it is a comfortable offering with low-end grunt, which may seem alien for Ducati’s raw and visceral style.

But to prove the XDiavel’s pedigree, the company announced its presence at the Motor Bike Expo 2016 with the all new draXter concept bike. The project – developed by Ducati Design Center’s Advanced Design area – interprets the aforementioned production motorcycle’s core idea from a sports viewpoint.

The Ducati prototype department came up with the draXter starting from a standard production XDiavel, garnishing it with premium racing components in the process. It becomes particularly obvious, for example, in the suspension and brake systems, taken directly from the Panigale Superbike. Styling-wise, Ducati says the draXter accentuates the lines and proportions of the XDiavel, making it more extreme than ever, turning it into “a unique, breath-taking racer”.

The concept is also brimmed with racing cues, like the number 90 on the side, which apparently is there to remind us of the world of racing and also pays homage to Ducati’s 90th anniversary (being celebrated this year).